About Innoveering

Innoveering develops technical solutions for the defense, aerospace and energy markets.  Our team has a strong resume designing, building, and testing advanced propulsion, power and energy systems.

Started in 2012 by former advanced technology leaders from Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense Companies, Innoveering applies its capabilities to the rapidly expanding Hypersonics market. Our focus is on developing next generation products and technology in high speed propulsion, harsh environment sensors, actuators and controls.

Hypersonic Propulsion and Flight Systems:

  • Innoveering’s Principals and Senior Staff have pioneered next generation high speed air-breathing propulsion systems where speed, efficiency and simplicity are paramount.
  • Our team has developed a multitude of military technologies and testing methods for both ground and air applications.
  • Customers: USAF, US Navy, DOE, DARPA, OSD, NASA, US Army and their prime contractors for aerospace and weapon system development.

Harsh Environment Test and Measurement Systems:

Our engineers have experience in design, fabrication and testing of:

  • Harsh environment test facilities, hardware, and instrumentation systems.
  • High pressure, combustion systems to produce high-temperatures applied to testing and robust energy conversion.
  • High temperature materials and thermal protection systems.

We have agreements for initial delivery of both sensor and combustion products that are being deployed for both industry and Government customers.

Sensors, Actuators and Controls / Micro-Systems:

The uniquely harsh environments that high performance propulsion systems produce require novel measurements, activation, and adaptive control solutions. We’re developing sensors capable of operation at uniquely high pressures and temperatures, while delivering high sensitivity, dynamic response, and compactness.

Our Team​

  • We lead with seasoned expertise in combustion, hypersonics, energy conversion, sensors, diagnostics & propulsion.​
  • We combine these skills with decades of successful government and commercial business development.
  • At our core, we are innovators who thrive in creative technical arenas.