Our Research & Performance Center (i-RPC)

Central to moving our innovations forward is transitioning our ideas from concept to prototype. Innoveering’s Research and Performance Center (i-RPC) is a makerspace that provides support for prototyping and testing of next generation products and systems. Our team includes experts with years of electro-mechanical design, fabrication and test experience to cover a broad portfolio of projects and technologies. Our facility engineers and technical staff work closely with our engineering team to assist in the design and assembly of virtually any prototype system that leverages, combustion, propulsion, sensing/diagnostics and energy conversion. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art data acquisition hardware and software, mechanical/hydraulic systems, pneumatic equipment, dual dead weight testing. The hands-on, rapid fire approach followed by the i-RPC staff enable expediting the maturation of technology.​

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art test stands:​

  • Mach 3 capable direct connect, continuous airflow test facility
  • Combined heat and power and combustor test stands capable of up to 5MBTU/hr
  • High temperature, high heat flux materials test facility
  • Keyence optical stations for interrogating and validating small scale sensors​
  • Dual dead weight testers up to 20,000 psi and up to 300°C​
  • Catalytic and fuel processing test stands with emissions measurement capability​
  • Multiphase phase flow rig​
  • Low speed wind tunnel (up to 100mph)​
  • Active controls rig for high speed isolators ​
  • Thermal and curing ovens up to 1500°C
Combustor Development & Test​
NIST Traceable Dual ​ Deadweight Calibration Stand​
Laser Metrology Station
CHP & Emissions Test Stand​
Dynamic/Velocity Testing​
Thermal Qualification Station​
2Phase Flow Rig​
low flow
Low Flow Catalysis Test Stand #1​
Continuous Air Supply 1.1 pps at 150 psi
Dual Deadweight Testing
Solid Particle Seeding System​
High Flow Catalyst Test Stand #1