High Pressure Combustion Systems

Novel high pressure combustion that occurs efficiently over a range of operating conditions and with a variety of gaseous and liquid fuels is a unique capability.  Our team has developed these systems for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications, combined heat and power and for high enthalpy aero-propulsion test facilities.

Hypersonic and Propulsion Systems

Ramjets, dual mode ramjets (DMRJ), scramjets, pulsejets, pulse detonation engine (PDE), rotating detonation engine (RDE), turbine based combined cycle (TBCC) and rockets are propulsion engine cycles that have been designed, developed and tested by our team of propulsion experts.

Hypersonic and Propulsion Systems​

Harsh Environment Systems

Operating at high pressure, high temperature and in harsh environments requires the development of novel, robust and durable sensing technology.  Innoveering has been developing sensors for pressure (and delta P), temperature, shear, supersonic flow reversal, chemical species detection, heat flux, ablation and multiphase flow measurement.

Harsh Environment Systems​

Aerospace Systems Engineering

Our team has critical expertise in the developing aerospace systems to include next generation ground test facilities, fuel systems, hardware and software development.

Aerospace Systems Engineering​