Laboratory Testing

Innoveering’s research and performance facility provides prototype and system analysis in both the laboratory and ground test environments.  Transition to flight testing is another key element to testing in a relevant environment and our team has been doing that since the 90’s.

Ground and Flight Testing

Ground and Flight Testing are accomplished on all major programs at progressively maturing stages of program development to reduce risk to our customers. Innoveering is well versed in complete system simulation on ground and full-up flight testing in the actual operational environment. We have multiple resources to fly and operate at high Mach speed and high G environments safely and effectively.

Materials & Structures

Hypersonic vehicles will require low weight structures in  harsh high temperature environment and new materials, particularly carbon-carbon (C-C) composites, will be pushed to their limits. To determine how these new materials function in the harsh environments they will need to be instrumented with sensors. 

Sensing & Controls Integration

Current developmental and future high speed engines will need to achieve high performance for required missions. Maximum inlet/isolator performance pushes engine toward unstart, however: excess margin diminishes performance.  Active and adaptive control systems to sense and control inlet/isolator operational state are under development