Hypersonics & Propulsion

Liquid or Solid Fueled Ramjets
Dual Mode Ramjets & Scramjets
Turbine Based Combined Cycle
Pulsejets, Pulse Detonation
Rotating Detonation Engines
Internal Combustion Engines
Novel Rocket Cycles

Sensors, MEMS & Actuators
Controls and Sensors

High Frequency Pressure Sensors
High Frequency Combustion Sensors
Ash, Particulate, Ablation Centers
Multiphase Flow Sensors
Harsh Environment Sensors
Fast Response Heat Flux Sensors
High Temperature Ceramic Sensors

Combustors & Catalysts
combustors and steam generators

Industrial Combustors
High Speed Combustors
Hypersonic Facility Heaters
Combustion Gas & Steam Generators Catalytic Reactors & Fuel Reformers

fuel systems and catalytic systems

Ramjet & Scramjet Propulsion
Solid, Liquid or Gas Fueled
Optimized for Range & Payload
Hardened for Gun Launch
Combined Cycle Propulsion

Structures & Materials

Sensor Materials
High Temp Structures
Rapid Prototyping
Imbedded Sensors
Engine Components
Composites & Adhesives

Facilities & Test Stands
combustors and steam generators

Hypersonic Ground Test Facility
Combustor Development Test Stand
Materials Test Stand
Gas Sampling Rakes & Diagnostics
NIST Traceable Test Stand
Dual Deadweight Calibration Stand
Laser Metrology Inspection Stand