Innoveering has decades of experience working with high energy fuels and air breathing engines. We have designed hardware fueled by solids, liquids and gases for all types of propulsion systems. We also have experience building armament that survives gun launch prior to air-breathing boosted flight​.

From Detonation to Propulsion, we design rounds that survive and perform.

Liquid or Solid Fuel Ramjets

Our expertise in liquid and solid fuel ramjet technology supports next generation and mid-range strike and extended range applications.

Optimized for Range & Payload

Innoveering designs use novel air-breathing rounds with propulsion systems that are optimized to deliver the desired range with the necessary payload.

Hardened for Gun Launch

Innoveering employees have experience dating back for decades related to designing air-breathing rounds for gun launched applications. Surviving thousands of G’s is no trivial challenge before lighting off the air-breathing propulsion engine.