Innoveering has leveraged its unique experience in multi-fuel, high pressure combustion to develop cutting edge combustors to support technologies from Heavy Oil Extraction, to portable Combined Heat and Power, to combustors for Hypersonic Ground Test Facilities. Our systems knowledge combined with new additive manufacturing techniques along with state of the art computational tools have helped us revolutionize our next generation combustors.

Our team brings decades of experience in these areas and is rapidly growing as an agile, creative solution provider. 

Industrial Combustors

Our team has developed multi-fuel combustors that operate off of gas, liquid, and mixed BTU fuels.  Combustor output has varied in pressure from atmospheric to 3000psi and scales ranging from 0.5MMBTU/hr up to 50MMBTU/hr

High Speed Combustors
High Speed Combustors

Reacting flows at high velocities require novel flameholding and fuel injection schemes.  Innoveering’s high speed combustion development is rooted in years of experience coupled with state of the art computational models.

Hypersonic Facility Heaters
Hypersonic Facility Heaters

Our team has developed combustion heaters for hypersonic freejet and direct connect ground test facilities.  These heaters simulate flight enthalpy at hypersonic speeds and have been used for aeropropulsion and aerothermal testing.

Combustion Gas and Steam Generators​
Combustion Gas and Steam Generators

Innoveering has developed portable combustion gas and steam generators for the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) marketplace.  Our combustors have had 1000’s of hours of operation in the field.

Compound Stimulation Combustors

The challenges for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are multi-faceted and in need of game-changing advances that are beyond the state of the art. The key upstream business needs have been identified and include: increasing recovery factors, in–situ manipulation of the heavy oil, carbon capture and sequestration, produced water management, and reduced impact on the environment. Innoveering is addressing this EOR challenge with a portable, down-hole and surface mount compound stimulation tool (CST) that combines the benefits of thermal and gas techniques while relying on both boiler quality as well as produced water.

Catalytic Reactors and Fuel Reformers​
Catalytic Reactors and Fuel Reformers

Our novel catalytic combustion solutions leverage aerospace technologies that provide robust, additive manufacturing approaches currently not available in the marketplace.