Facilities and Test Stands​

//Facilities and Test Stands​
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Our engineering staff and leadership team follow the “Test Early, Test Often” approach to technology development.  In support of that approach we develop test stands or facilities in which we test our innovations  to validate theory and anchor our engineering models. We pride ourselves in making equipment that is practical and efficient yet will yield high quality data.​

Our team has led the development of small purpose built test stands all the way to multi-million dollar hypersonic ground test facilities for the DoD and defense industry base. Let us know your custom testing needs and we will engineer a solution on time and on budget.​

We built them so well for our own testing that we decided to sell them also. Let us know your custom testing needs.

Hypersonic Ground Test​ Facility Development​

Hypersonic Ground Test​ Facility Development​

Innoveering can provide direct connect and free jet testing for a wide variety of low and high mach applications. 

Combustor Development​ Test Stand

Combustor Development​ Test Stand

Combustion system development is a complex combination of cutting edge science and practical experience. Our test stands can be used for prototype development and production evaluation. 

Materials Test Stand

Materials Test Stand

We use advanced materials every day from high temperature alloys, to carbon-carbon composites, to advanced polymers and adhesives. Many times, their performance hasn’t been established yet under extreme conditions. That’s where Innoveering expertise is tapped to replicate conditions critical to material evaluation. 

Gas Sampling Rakes​ and Diagnostics

Gas Sampling Rakes​ and Diagnostics​

Understanding gas combustion products with accuracy can mean the difference between a controlled or uncontrolled process or the difference between success and failure.  The Innoveering team can assess your sampling needs and design a tailored diagnostic solution to fit your needs. ​

NIST Traceable Dual ​
Deadweight Calibration Stand​

Accuracy of very high pressure levels can be difficult to assess and even impossible to predict with highly accurate calibration tools. Data from uncalibrated  measurement tools really isn’t reliable data at all. 

Laser Metrology

Innoveering staff can deliver cutting edge optical inspection using lasers to deliver a wide variety of different measurements.