Our Aircraft Platform development activities range from VSTOL to Hypersonic flight. We live for development and commercialization of Advanced Technologies that enable higher speed, more precise control, better reliability and greater efficiency.

Innoveering leads the way in
advanced engine technology.

Liquid or Solid Fuel Ramjets
Liquid or Solid Fuel Ramjets

Our expertise in liquid and solid fueled ramjet technology supports next generation mid range strike and extended range applications.  

Dual Mode Ramjets (DMRJ) and Scramjets​
Dual Mode Ramjets (DMRJ) and Scramjets

Thermally throated DMRJ and supersonic combustion scramjet engine technology is core to our propulsion expertise.  Our team has been involved in nearly every high speed air-breathing propulsion ground and flight test since the National Aerospace Plane (NASP) program.

Turbine Based Combined Cycle Engines
Turbine Based Combined Cycle Engines

Our controls and fuel processing heritage are being applied to turbine based combined cycle engines for future high speed strike/RECCE vehicle platform technologies.

Pulsejets, Pulse Detonation and Rotating Detonation Engines (RDE)

Transient detonation based propulsion using pulsejets, PDE’s or RDE’s has been central to our propulsion expertise.  We have developed these systems using a variety of fuels and oxidizers and at a variety of scales.

Internal Combustion Engines
Internal Combustion (IC) engines

Our team has been involved in a number of IC engine development efforts to include novel rotary engine concepts, reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) engines as well as small scale heavy fuel engines for small unmanned aerial vehicle platforms.  

novel rocket
Novel Rocket Cycles

Liquid, solid and hybrid rocket engines and novel cycles have been developed by our scientists and engineers.