At Innoveering we are passionate about technology development, but we don’t develop technology just for technology’s sake. We develop technologies that will translate to the top and bottom lines.

Our principals and leaders have run multiple businesses, patented numerous inventions, licensed technologies, invested in major commercialization programs and operated joint ventures and spin-off operating companies. We live for growing businesses and building relationships within industry, government and highly respected universities. Collaboration and respect for Intellectual Property are the keys to our success.


Innoveering uses licensing as on-ramps, as well as, off-ramps in business development efforts. If we like a technology we will license it and use it in new cutting edge applications. Similarly, we are open to partners adopting technologies that we have developed for a market that they can leverage and readily commercialize.

Small Business Innovative Research

We currently manage multiple active SBIR programs for a wide array of related defense and industrial technologies.  Similar to our licensing approach, we have a mix of strategies that are tailored to each development program. We commonly partner with companies that have aligned commercial interests for SBIR Programs. SBIR rules provide unique and valuable data rights and contract competition benefits for sales to the US government that can be extended if managed well.

Cooperative Research Agreements

Innoveering has experience working with industry and government groups and consortiums. Often some technology may be out of reach or present too much risk to a single company or government entity. Through innovative agreements and good old-fashioned cooperation, we have been very successful in leveraging pools of investments to drive R&D efforts.

Contract Development Services

We love a customer who knows what they want and when they want it. We have several active programs in house from private sponsorship. We meet regularly with individual companies that may not have the current bandwidth needed for an in depth R&D program or that simply want to draw on our decades of development experience to reduce their R&D cycle and get new products to market faster.

Government Teaming

We’re a bit different than many of the large prime defense contractors.  We are small enough to make programmatic decisions quickly, and deep enough to have the skills needed to advance very technical development efforts. But we also have regularly partnered with technical government customers to develop technology that they have far wider rights to than they may find from a large defense contractor. Oh, we like commercial operations after the R&D is completed, but we always seek common ground that provides flexibility for technical use and benefit by the government if that’s what they need.

Organic Growth

Sometimes we decide that the best course forward is to keep our production in house or with one or more of our long term vendors.  After considering investments, production and business scaling capabilities and how central a technology is to our core we will consider managing products and services directly.